Where is Tasmania?

Tasmania is the only island which is also a state of Australia. It is in the south of the continent, an hour and 40 minutes flight from Sydney. It is often joked as not really part of Australia because of its isolation from the main land. I’ve heard about Tasmania even before I moved to Sydney (maybe because of Tasmanian Devils?), but I never really got the chance to know other details. I just always hear that it’s a beautiful island, and those people who have been there and knew that I love outdoors told me that I will have a great time there. They were right indeed. It was my best trip ever!

I booked our flight to Tasmania with little knowledge about the island, I just know that we would be spending the week after Easter there coinciding with Andrew’s break in Uni. I only checked flights going to and from Launceston Airport, and I was not aware of Hobart. Hobart is the state capital of Tasmania! How stupid was that? Most people would fly in on either Hobart or Launceston, and would fly out on the other airport, but I booked a 9-day trip flying in and out Launceston. Upon reading suggested itineraries, I found out that we can have a loop of Tasmania in 9 days, and it’s good that we’re flying in and out from the same airport.

The plan of having a loop around the island crashed when I found out that the Salamanca Market in Hobart is only held every Saturday morning. Salamanca Market if one of the must-do in Tassie and I didn’t feel like missing it. I love flea markets and the variety of food available on these some-what festivals. For those still planning their trip, I suggest that you reserve one Saturday morning in Hobart for the the market and adjust your itinerary around it.

Salamanca Market at Hobart

Here’s the trace of what we did in our trip:


Our route for the 9 days

(Click on the links for the details of each part. Other posts to follow)

Day 1: Arrival at Launceston,  Bay of Fire

Day 2: Freycinet National Park, Barbie with Possums and Wallabies

Day 3: Campbell Town Bridge stop, Launceston- Cataract George

Day 5: Cradle Mountain

Day 6: Cradle Mountain / Travel to Mt Field

Day 7: Mt Field National Park

Day 8: Hobart

Day 9: Fly out from Launceston

The drives in between were mostly 2 hours in duration, except for the west coast part where Cradle Mountain to Mt Field National Park was 5 hours. And this 5-hour trip includes a lot of winding roads. Thanks to Andrew for patiently driving during the whole trip!

The best thing about our trip is that we got all types of terrains and activities in about a week. We spent a night by the beach and another night in a mountain cabin. We trekked mountains and walked around a lake. We experienced living in a campervan and staying in backpackers hotel and one creepy hotel. We saw giant trees, waterfalls, wombats and different types of leaping mammals. We watched how Tasmanian Devils eat their prey! We passed through a mining town and a hydroelectric plant. We had views of wineries and different colors of fields. We were also entertained by the hundreds of sheep along the road and how all of them react at the same time every time Andrew beeps the horn of the car.

One night beside Bay of Fires

Cradle Mountain behind Andrew

Me at Enchanted Walk


Mining sites at Queenstown

Mt Field National Park lookout

The food was also great, everything was so fresh. Their supermarkets sell products that were grown locally!  The Indian restaurant in Launceston was epic, and we let our-fatty-selves enjoy the treats at Salamanca market. We also had good coffee stops, and the best has to be the one at Campbell Town Bridge Cafe.

Barbeque dinner by Andrew

Coffee at Campbell Town

Tasmania is definitely a dreamland for nature lovers. There’s a lot to see and do (aside from those we visited in the 9 days). A large percentage of it’s land is a National Park and most of it’s western part are still untouched by man. Because of it’s 4 seasons, activities vary within a year. We trekked one mountain and surprised to see ski clubs on top. Apparently, the whole place will be covered with snow as high as a normal house.

We will definitely go back. I really want to do the Overland Track, which is 68km on Cradle Mountain to Lake St Clair. It is said to be Australia’s most beautiful track. I just need to make sure it’s summer, as I really have low tolerance on the cold weather. It was a shame that we missed Port Arthur. It was on our itinerary, together with the Tasman sea adventure and trek to Cape Raoul. I guess I was too ambitious on doing so much things in 9 days. Another thing on my list to visit the next time is the Bruny Island. I read that you can do berries picking, and the island has great tracks for walking too. So see you next time, Tassie!


You can fly to Tasmania from major Australian cities. Click here for more information.

If you want to take your car to Tassie, you can catch the ferry from Port Melbourne to Devonport. Click here for more information.


** maps were just grabbed from the internet