The reason why I haven’t continued to blog on the Tasmania trip because I intended to write the next posts on paper then just encode it here after. Why would I compose using pen and paper?!

Composing my next Tasmania post

Wala lang. Trip trip.

I have to take an IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam on May 12 for my Permanent Residency visa application. I took the English test 2 years ago while I was still in Manila for my first Australian visa. I got 8 in reading comprehension, 7.5 in speaking and 7 in both writing and listening. For the exam next month, I have to get an 8 in all the 4 categories. Easy!

Of course I’m nervous! I’m sure if I can do that, or how will I be able to do that. I’m just believing that I can, and I don’t really have much choice. I think my speaking and listening have improved after living in Sydney for a year. Also, my boyfriend has been giving me lectures on how to use bring/take, come/go and in/on/at properly. I have to work on the writing category, especially the actual writing- the use of pencil and paper part. When was the last time you wrote a whole paragraph on a paper? You can probably do meeting minutes on paper, but I’m sure the whole report will be done using a keyboard. Most of us would have typing speed as fast as our thinking speed. I tried composing a blog post on paper last week, and I can’t even read what I wrote. I was just able to write the first few letters of each word and just some scribbles for the last part. I was thinking way too fast than I can write! I have to practice composing my thoughts systematically first and then write them legibly on paper.

So bear with me as my Tassie posts will be delayed.