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A possum. (Photo from http://www.unisa.edu.au)

Okay, for my non-Aussie readers, “barbie” is short for barbeque. (On second thought, I only have 1 Aussie reader and  all the rest are Pinoys, lol.)

For our dinner at Freycinet National Park, we used the electric grill available few meters away from our camping spot. Before it got completely dark, we already saw few possums and wallabies (similar to kangaroos but smaller) around the barbeque shed. I didn’t mind them initially and I was even able to go to the toilet by myself.

A wallaby just outside the barbeque shed

And then it got completely dark. We were just using our flashlights to check the sausages and onions, and outside the shed was almost pitch black. I suddenly heard a loud screech behind me! It felt like the animal was just behind my ears. I screamed and ran towards Andrew. I then imagined that there would be a pack of animals assembling outside the shed and would attack us. Things got worse for me when a possum climbed the roof and seemed to be also interested on our dinner!

Possum checking our onions and sausages


Thoughts inside my head include these lemurs in this Madagascar video, except that the animals are not cute but scary.

Andrew was making fun of me as I stayed behind his back like a little child hiding behind her mother’s skirt.

He said I shouldn’t be afraid of animals since I love outdoors.

But there are no possums and kangaroos in the Philippines!

At that time, I didn’t have any idea on what these animals are like. I just knew that they’re nocturnal, but I didn’t know if they’re carnivore or herbivore, if they attack humans or just shy away on encounters, if they go by groups or not. So after I embarrassed myself in front of Andrew, I told myself I should do research on these animals so I’ll know what to do next time.

So no animals attacked us, and we had a good barbeque dinner inside our van. We had to eat inside because it was too chilly that night (and because I was afraid that a possum will grab the sausage from my hand!). And it was still cool to experience barbie with these Australia’s native animals.


You can find basic information about Australia’s native animals here

Apparrently, possums are generally omnivores (so they were only after the onions!), they tend to live a solitary life (so no chance of a pack of possums dancing I like to move it move it) and they don’t attack usually attack humans (phew!).