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First, let me share to you what’s a typical Aussie meal..

Roasted sweet potato, green beans, carrots, cauliflower and chicken by Andrew

Barbequed steak, onions, potatoes and sausage by Andrew

Everything’s just roasted or barbequed! I’m sure all Filipinos’ comment would be “Walang rice!?(No rice!?!)

I don’t think I can live without rice for weeks, so I knew I have to make Andrew appreciate rice (and other foods which are not roasted or barbequed.)

I first introduced rice to Andrew when we went for a bushwalk. I cooked Chicken Adobo 2 days before our walk as it’s supposed to taste better after reheating. For those Adobo-virgins, Adobo is (unofficially) Philippine’s national food. Basically, you just add soy sauce and vinegar to meat. There are thousand of ways to do it though, and each Filipino will have their own version of the recipe. Anyway, I was preparing our food for the walk, Andrew saw how much rice I was transferring to the food container and stopped me. He said “it’s too much!” Fine,  the container barely had 2 cups. Then guess who finished most of the rice during lunch. Too much rice, huh?

Dry adobo, perfect for packed lunch.

So he likes Adobo, check! However, he eats Adobo a bit differently. Usually, Pinoys would have 2-3 parts of chicken with a cup of rice. But not for Andrew, he needs protein. A lot of protein!

He can finish a whole chicken!

I would also cook a kilo of Beef Caldereta, and it will just be enough for the 2 of us. Caldereta is beef stew with coconut milk and tomato sauce.

My yummy beef caldereta

Ilang order kaya siya para mabusog sa karinderya?! (How many orders in Carinderia does he need to be full ?! *Carienderia is a type of cheap food shop in the Philippines where you just point the food that you like, and they give you small servings)

Aside from Filipino food, he started to appreciate other Asian foods. We went to a party one time, and a Japanese girl was making Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake). He liked it and me being a good girlfriend (lol), researched for the recipe so I can make it at home. I was successful!

My okonomiyaki with bacon bits and chorizo


I made him try Indian cuisine when we were in Tasmania. One of the famous restaurants in Launceston is the Pickled Evenings. We just didn’t try it, we even ate at the restaurant twice, ordering a banquet for the second dinner. Andrew likes their Butter Chicken most. They even printed the recipe for the butter chicken but there’s no way I can follow that. Too complicated for someone who grew up with just vinegar and soy sauce as seasoning.

Beef Vindaloo, Lamb Rogan Josh, Butter Chicken, Mushroom and Pea Curry @ Pickled Evenings


Then one Friday night, we went to a Malaysian restaurant with Lyand and Andy (our friend with Vietnamese roots). We ordered Char Kway Teow (Noodles), chicken wings, chilli prawns, a beef course and another lamb (because someone needs protein). There were 3 Asians on the table, but none of the 3 could finish the chili prawns because it was too spicy! I have high tolerance for spicy food but I still couldn’t handle it, specially its sauce. Guess who finished it and even poured the sauce all over his rice? Andrew.

With Andy at Jackie M Concord West (Lyand took the photo)

Malaysian treats!


He never ate sushi before because he said he doesn’t eat raw meat. I told him some sushi have cooked stuffing in it so it should be fine. I gave him a sushi roll takeaway one time, and to his surprise, he liked it. It was just 2 weeks ago, he sent me message saying “I had a sushi roll before my exam so I can be smart like my Asian classmates!” LOL

He then sent me a link of a Japanese restaurant. It was one of the posh restaurants above The Establishment at the city. I checked the menu, one order of sushi costs about $18! I told him it’s expensive and maybe we’ll go to cheaper sushi place first so he’ll know if he will like the food before we spend a fortune in that posh restaurant. So we tried the sushi train at Rhodes shopping center. Plates there are still quite expensive at $4-$6 each, when there are sushi places at the city that offers $3.50 each plate. It was his first time on the sushi belt, and I just let him pick whatever he wants. He got Sashimi, tasted one piece and made me finish everything. There, I gave him the basic instructions of using chopsticks.

Andrew’s guide on how to use Chopsticks

After 12 plates, we’ve already got everything that looked appetizing but I can feel that Andrew’s not full yetl. And I was right, we paid $40+ of sushi and Andrew still wanted Aportos (chain similar to McDonald’s) after! So I’m not sure if we’ll ever go to that expensive sushi place. Maybe we can request for bigger meat stuffing inside the sushi, just for him.

And his latest Asian food experience was last Saturday night. We went to a Korean charcoal Barbeque restaurant at Strathfield. I told him that he was getting too much attention as he was the only white guy in the whole restaurant. Haha! I was kidding, no one was minding us. We got $50 worth of raw meat to be barbequed on the grill right on our table. I know he’ll like it because of his fascination of barbeque. We also finished 2 bottles of Soju.

Andrew and the grill

After pre-drinks at home, and 2 Sojus, we were both drunk on the train home.

I’m thinking of taking him to Chinatown one time. Jayvan took us before to one restaurant serving delicious porridge. I’m just sure porridge alone will satisfy Andrew. Maybe I need to order a whole peking duck. Haha! Or maybe we will go to Cabramatta for some Vietnamese cuisine.


Websites of the restaurants mentioned above:

Pickeled Evenings – here

Jackie M – here