Ever since I discovered hair relaxing and rebonding, I’ve been sporting a long hair. I think the last time I cut my hair short was 2008. I’m trying to look for a photo but it seems that I was still in Friendster that time. And my mother would always have to remind me that my hair was too long already, and I look like a manang (old lady).

I prefer long hair because it’s just easy to manage. I’m too lazy to blow dry everyday so a long hair is perfect for a “wash and wear” style. I just have to make sure I use conditioner everyday, else it gets dry. I also think it’s cheaper, I just need one rebonding treatment per year, and maximum of 2 haircuts (make that one if I’m here in Sydney)! A long hair also means I can do ponytail without a lot of hair strands falling off my face face, which is essential for my activities.

However, I notice that my dandruff come and go. I’m guessing it’s because of the conditioner. I’ve always used Pantene conditioner, but somehow, the type I got from Costco seems to be different from those available in Manila. I bought 4 bottles of Pantene from Manila, used them all and didn’t notice much dandruff. And when I used the conditioner from Costco again, hello dandruff!! Yeah, I know I’m so cheap I just can’t throw the big bottle of conditioner. LOL It can still make my hair soft! But lately, dandruff got worse. I would see white dots dropping off my keyboard whenever I shake my hair. Ewww! Hahaha! I stopped using the conditioner (and just let my hair be dry for a day) but I can still see the dandruff đŸ˜¦

So 2 days ago, I checked for anti-dandruff shampoos from Woolworths. I decided to get this Neutrogena Daily Control Dandruff Shampoo with Conditioner because it’s just $5!! I told you I’m cheap. And this product works for me! I don’t see anything falling off my head even if I scratch my scalp. Plus, my hair is softer than when I was just using shampoo alone. This is one example that it doesn’t have to be expensive to get good quality.

Just $5!!

Also, because I didn’t have time to do hair rebonding last December at Manila, my hair is starting to get frizzy now. I checked the rates of rebonding here, and some salon charges $500!! Omg. No way I’m paying that amount for my hair (because I’m cheap and it’s really too expensive). Good thing I saw a deal last week at Groupon, just $99 for hair rebonding. I was so happy, it’ll cost me the same amount as if I’ll do it at Manila. I just don’t know if my hair would turn out ok after. Let’s see.


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