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We bought food supplies from Coles at Launceston then we drove to Legana (about 10 mins drive north) where we’re staying for the the 3rd night. It is a holiday park, they have cabins with amenities like a normal accommodation, but holiday parks are more common for caravans. The Launceston Holiday Park Legana charges $23-$30 for a powered site.

Our spot, the power plug is on the other side

You’re probably wondering why we still had to pay for accommodation when we had a van which has a mattress and fridge and stove. Well, the reason number one was the need of toilet and shower. Secondly, we could only make the most out of the van’s facilities if we had power. The “powered sites” mean that we can plug the main power of our van so can have AC power inside the van. We didn’t have power on our first 2 nights and we were just relying on the van’s battery. On our 3rd night, we were able to recharge Andrew’s laptop, turn all the lights on and use the heater!!!! We could even use the microwave (But we didn’t as we didn’t have any food to re-heat anyway)

Shared kitchen at the center of the park


Another good thing about being on a holiday park is the use of better cooking facilities. I told Andrew we were going to have a good grill for that night so he kinda got too excited and bought meat for 5 people. I didn’t complain as he did all the grilling. I just had to do all the washing after.

Master grill-ah!


Meat overload

There were 2 bunnies playing outside our van in the morning! Sorry, I just used my phone’s camera. But they were really cute!

Hello there, bugs bunny!

And because it was a paid accommodation, there was hot water! I finally had a good shower after 3 days of walking around. I did shower at Freycinet but the water was freezing so I had to make it very quick.

We were really impressed with the Launceston Holiday Park Legana’s facility that we decided to book our 8th night there. I initially booked a hostel because I thought it will be better to have a relaxing night inside a real room before our flight back. But the park was good enough, the facilities were clean and more than enough to have a well-rested night. So upon returning our keys (for the toilet) in the morning, I also paid for our 8th night. Just too bad we had change of plans starting on our fourth day so we weren’t able to stay again at the park. The owner was so nice though to just charge us admin fee of $5 and returned our payment. If you have a van or caravan, and staying a night at Launceston, I’m suggesting you stay there. I’s not too far from city center, and would be a great starting point if you’re going to Tamar Valley plus facilities are well maintained.


I just realized I need to need to take more photos of the facilities of the parks/hostels if I’m going to write a post about it. LOL. Next time! 🙂