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Growing up, I was  familiar with this Tazmanian Devil.


Taz is part of the looney toons gang.

Sylvester, Yosmite, Bugs, Tweety, Daffy, Taz and Porky

Taz is also my friend, Monde’s, favorite cartoon character that he even included the word “taz” in his official signature. I’m not kidding. He’s signing documents now with his initials + “taz” + surname. Hi Monde! 🙂

Anyway, only after I moved to Australia that I learned about the real Tasmanian Devils and apparently, it’s where Taz’ character is based from. Tasmanian Devils are only found on the island of Tasmania so it’s must that you see one if you’re visiting Tassie.

Devils @ Cradle is a Tasmanian Devil sanctuary and is conveniently located within the Cradle Mountain’s perimeter. I suggest that you go for the night feeding tour. Not that I’ve been to the day tours, but the devils are more active at night and it’s only in the evening that they have feeding session. We bought our tickets for the Devils @ Cradle from the information center, and we even chose the deal that includes viewing of animals at night. I’m checking the website now and it seems to be more expensive than what we paid (just not sure if they increased the fee after April). I suggest that you just get the feeding only deal, it only costs $25 and the one which includes viewing of animals costs $40. We didn’t see anything special at the night viewing. We’ve seen wallabies, wombats and possums in the morning anyway. And another good thing about buying from the information center, you get free shuttle from your hotel to and from the sanctuary. Again, this service is not shown in the Devils@Cradle website.

It might not sound interesting for vegetarians, but it’s awesome to watch 4 devils fighting over a raw Wallaby leg. You can also hear their loud screeches and you’ll understand why Taz (the cartoons) always swirl! Haha! The devils don’t stop moving, they just run around their big cage even after they were fed.

“Poking session” before the feeding

4 devils sharing 1 Wallaby leg

Too bad you can’t hear them screeching!


Hello there!

This is an old Tas devil. The life expectancy of a devil is just 8 years.

Granpa devil

I also can’t remember what these species are called, but I believe they’re of the same family as the Tasmanian Devils. They were also active and noisy.

Spotted Devils

And this one just jumped into fence right in front of me. Guess whose screech echoed in the sanctuary after. Lol

Jumping spotted devils


Only in this feeding tour that I found out about Tasmanian Tigers. Too bad they’re already extinct! It feels sad knowing that these animals are still around 50 years ago. One shuttle bus driver said that there was once a couple visitor from Queensland who claimed that they saw an animal similar to the Tasmanian Tiger when they were camping one time. I hope that they’re just hiding somewhere!

Image from cfzaustralia.com

Actually, Tasmanian Devils are considered endangered. You can check this website: http://www.tassiedevil.com.au/tasdevil.nsf to know more about saving the devil and information on how you can help.


Devils @ Cradle website here.