It was one weekend of April, when weather still allows me to stay outdoors at night, when we went for a weekend camping. As usual, I was in-charge of all planning and preparation and my partner-in-crime ‘s obligation was just to drive the both of us to our destination. LOL. I initially planned to go to Bouddhi National Park, a 2-hour drive from our place, but the camping ground was fully booked when I called on the Thursday before our target weekend. Yes, you have to book camping grounds here (you even have to book some walks! Read my Overland Track attempt here). Thanks to almighty Google, I found good results to “best camping grounds near Sydney”.

Wollondilly River Station pride itself as one of the Top 5 campsites in NSW. I can’t argue with this, I’ve been camping around here in NSW and in Tasmania and still, I can say that Wollondilly is the best (campsite) so far.


1. It’s just 2 and half hour drive from our place (Rhodes), it’s near Mitagong and Bowral. However, I have to warn you that around 50km will be unpaved windy road. On our way there, we were already at Mitagong in less than an hour from Rhodes. I was checking google maps and it said just around 50km to target destination and estimate time is still one and a half hour! We thought google maps had it wrong, and we would be at the camp grounds in less than an hour. Enggkkk!!! Wrong. Almighty google was correct again. Because of the windy unpaved road, no one could go more than 50kph, and for steep turns, you would have to go as slow as 20kph! It’s not too bad, Andrew’s small Honda hatchback made it without any problems.

Unpaved road

Lookout on the way

2. You can have a camp fire!!! This is probably the best feature of the site. Most government maintained camp grounds here prohibit starting a camp fire. Since Wollondilly is a  family owned park, and the owner couple just lives within the park, they can afford to allow camp fires as long as you do it on the already established fire spots.


Imagine a quiet night..

With a bonus moon

you have good spot near a fire..

camping chairs

you have a beer..

Beer on one hand!

you’re making your feet warm on the fire..

white feet vs brown feet

That’s exactly what we experienced! Sweet as!

3. You can camp near a river. Isn’t it nice to sleep and wake up to the sound of flowing water? Also, there’s a deep part of the river just near our camp spot, I couldn’t resist to jump in even though the water was so cold. I’m not sure of water gets warmer around December-January.

A branch of the big river just beside our camp spot

water’s so clear but so cold!

4. Camp site is not packed. We couldn’t even see other campers. This is way better that having your tent pitched one arm length away from the other tents. If you have a big group, this set-up is good as to not disturb other campers.

Tent, car and us

We didn’t mind their company!


5. It is pet friendly. So in case Andrew gets a dog..

with other campers’ dog

6. Beautiful spots around. We walked around the grounds and saw this river with beautiful mountains in the background.

What is scenic?

This is how bad Andrew takes photos

Green and sun

I always want to have photos on a tree! lol

We wil definitely be back on summer. We’re planning to invite friends so we’ll have more people to gather wood for the fire. LOL



All information about the camp ground is found on their website: http://www.wollondillyriverstation.com/