Melbourne is the second most populous city in Australia (next to Sydney). I’ve been to Melbourne twice in less than 3 months. First was last May after my Great Ocean Road Half Marathon (see post about Great Ocean Road here), and second was for a product training on my new job. The May visit, I tried to see most of Melbourne in 2 nights and 1 day. And on the recent visit, I spent 5 days and gained 5 lbs after the trip because we (Andrew followed Friday evening) basically just ate on the whole weekend.

Royal Exhibition Building

What can I say about Melbourne? I love it, but I’m not in love with it.

I love Melbourne’s architecture.

I don’t know what is this

No idea.

Royal Exhibition Building

Old buildings

I love Melbourne’s street art.

Alley near Flinders


Near St Ali, South Melbourne

I love Melbourne’s food.

Sweets Disneyland in Acland St

Good coffee!!

Argentinian Restaurant along Acland

So why am I not in love with Melbourne?

Weather sucks. 

Sorry Melbourne peeps.

It’s so cold! When I was there, all mornings seems so gloomy and felt like it was going to rain. Even if it rains or not, doesn’t matter much anyway, it will still be the same. I felt like the sun never really shines like the way it shines here in Sydney. Here, even in winter people can go run during lunch with just their singlet on (as long as there’s sun). How do people go to the beach with that weather? And besides, is there a good beach near the city? Don’t answer me with “St. Kilda beach”.

St Kilda beach

It’s far from 1/4 of how Manly or Bondi is.

So despite the good food, transport, cheaper rent and beautiful city, I’m not yet sold on moving to Melbourne. I need Sydney’s warmth and sunshine! 🙂