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CK’s back! For all you idiots who don’t know what’s CK, it is Chanda’s Kitchen! Haha! I can see your eyes rolling.

Anyway, I’m sharing this simple salad as starter for my welcome-back-to-blogging series. It’s easy, so it means I do not have to explain a lot and I can sleep after 10mins as it’s already 11:48PM here in Sydney.

Basically, boil eggs and while waiting, peel and grate carrots. When the egg’s done, peel, slice and top onto the grated carrots. Add salt and pepper depending on your preference. Finished! Yehey!!!


Carrot and Egg Salad

It’s one of my favorite salads. Aside from the obvious that it’s so healthy (hello! protein and veg!), it’s so good because it’ll make you appreciate the taste of carrots. Honestly, I don’t like carrot sticks. It’s just difficult to chew. I’d rather much on potato chips, duh. But with this salad, you’ll taste the sweet juice of carrots without the difficulty of chewing. Probably the salt and pepper help to bring out the taste as well? With this salad, you won’t realize that you’ve finished a carrot or 2 and that you’ve ate something really healthy.


^*^ Chanda