I can’t believe that my last post was 4 months ago. I know I was really occupied in the last months but I’m having a difficulty now remembering all of them. Let me try to recall the highlights..

  • I lodged for my PR visa at the end of June and it was approved on October 5. Sh!t. I can’t believe I was able to compress that in one sentence after all the struggles I’ve been through. That was more than 4 months of weekend exams and heart breaking results (sad face). It was so stressful that my mother had to take a photo of mine to Quiapo church and wipe it against all the religious statues there as she prayed for my application to be approved. Don’t ask me which photo she took with her, I didn’t have the courage to ask. It’s all good now, prayers really work 🙂
  • I moved to a new job on July. I had a partner from the start but he left after a month. And for a month, I was all by myself finishing tasks that were supposedly for 2 testers. There were weeks when I was exhausted from Monday to Friday because of work, then I’ll do exam preparations on weekday nights and on weekends. I couldn’t complain about my job though. Mainly because they were so kind to offer me sponsorship in case I wasn’t successful with my PR application. It was a big relief knowing that I won’t be leaving Australia no matter what the outcome was of my own application.
  • I turned 27 on October 3! It started last year, that since my birthday is always near the October long weekend, me and my friends go out of town for that weekend. Last year, 9 of us we went to Jervis Bay. This year, 18 people went to Port Stephens! Although I enjoy organizing trips, I got a bit stressed for that one because I was busy with work and my visa application. Good thing my friends are so helpful and we still managed to pull off a fun long weekend. I’ll write a different post for that.
  • Because of all the stress, I had the right to gain weight! Lol So after I settles all my other concerns, I started getting serious on my workout and diet. But I guess I pushed myself too hard for 2 weeks that I got a case of swollen vascular structure. Ok, I made it sound better than the actual term for it. Go google what it is. I initially though it was something serious that I quickly search for insurance as I was worried I’ll have expensive treatments. Imagine my agony when I still didn’t exactly know what it was. After a week, I was able to see a doctor and verified that I’m ok. After another week, I had fully recovered. And the pounds I lost on the first 2 weeks, I was able to gain them back quickly on my recovery days. Hiyah!

So there. I wasn’t able to do much on weekends so I don’t have trips to share here (except for my birthday long weekend). On food updates, I’ve discovered a lot of fantastic recipes lately! These additional pounds are not here for nothing. I just need to make them again so I can take good photos and upload them. 

I should be posting more often on the next days! Hope everyone’s safe and happy 🙂

❤ Chanda