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We weren’t able to go to the shop (supermarket/grocery) today so I just had use whatever was available in the kitchen.

I saw chicken breasts. I googled “easy chicken breasts recipe” and came across a recipe using 5spice as flavor for the chicken and having salad eith oranges. We still have lots of oranges from last week so it was perfect. I didn’t have other ingredients for the salad so I just added what was available to me.

Orange-themed dinner

5 Spice Chicken

It’s just coating your chicken with 5spice seasoning, salt and pepper. I first tasted 5 spice when my Vietnamese colleague invited us for dinner. He served really good chicken wings. He said he used 5 spice. It’s a mix of several spices, star anise, cinnamon, cloves and I can’t really remember the others. The 5spice that I have seems to have a lot cinnamon though, not sure if it’s the normal taste. And for sure, my Thai colleague’s chicken was way better. I need to ask him if he added some special ingredient!

Anyway, coat chicken, then fry for about 3 mins on each side then transfer it to the over for 8 mins. The recipe I was basing on said it should be 6-8 mins. I didn ‘t believe it and left my chickwn breasts in the over for 10mins. Then I let it seat for more than 5 mins. It turned out good, I just realized how I always had my chicken overcooked because it’ll end up tough and difficult to chew. However, I think it should’ve been better if I removed it from the oven after 8 mins.

Orange Salad

I only had spinach. It was supposed to be mixed green, but spinach I’m sure spinach will do. I pulped 2 oranges above the spinach to make sure the spinach catched the juices from the orange. I also saw avocado so I added some slices. Then i topped it with walnuts. I drizzled some balsamic vinegar and olive oil as dressing (plus the orange juices!)

Sangria attempt

I wanted a bubbly to go with the chicken and summer-y salad. I only saw half a bottle of shiraz sitting there so the Sangria idea came up to me. I googled some recipe but most of the recipes require complicated ingredients (like ginger ale). Anyway, I transferred the wine into a pitcher, sliced some oranges, juiced an orange and a lemon, open a canned pineapple and added all its juice. I added some pineapple chunks too and raw sugar. Then lastly, threw in a lot of ice. It turned out delicious! I can’t wait to make it again, probably on new years’ drinking party with friends. It’s easy and you can use cheap wine and it will still taste good!

First time to post using mobile!