Paddling at Hacking River

I bought a voucher for a kayak/canoe/rowboat whole day hire at Audley Boat Shed for just $20. And as a typical voucher buyer, I only remembered to use it on the last week of it’s validity. Good thing they never ran out of boats, and good thing, I have friends who are always available on the weekends.

Sunny winter day

It was already winter, and basing from the date of my photos, it was on June 24 that we went to Audley Boat Shed. The shed is inside Royal National Park and I’m not sure if you can get there with public transport. Me, Andrew and Lyand went by car, but our friends brought their bike and trained it. They got off at Loftus and bike their way to Royal National Park. They weren’t able to ride until the boat shed though. They realized they were going downhill, and it was quite steep, and it will be very difficult to bike back. So they left their bikes somewhere. Take note also that reception is quite bad in the area, both Vodafone and Optus has zero coverage, we were quite worried that those who bike won’t be able to locate us. Well, it wasn’t difficult to walk around the boat shed to check all the picnic stops. They were in time for lunch (Andrew and Lyand started on the barbeque early).

Tag team for the barbie

Typical Aussie barbie

It was a perfect winter day to lay under the sun.

Getting all the sunshine he needs

To take turns paddling…

Marco, Paul and Carlo on the boat

Lyand paddling for me

My voucher was valid for kayak, canoe and row boat. I chose to get the row boat as it’s the most stable and more people can get on it. It would not be good to trip on the water on winter!

It was also fun to watch other people paddling 🙂

Cute kiddos

It was perfect day to eat with friends!

Shadows are not helpful in this shot

Me and Andrew!

And perfect day to play outside..





And for the non-sporty ones to have a feel of outdoors. LOL

Nerd-y Paul not playing LOL

Perfect day to see kookaburras. Never saw that much kookaburra here in Australia!

Kookaburras eating chips

Kookaburra-bearing tree

And perfect day for Chanda to be a koala. Haha!

Me posing as a koala

Even if you don’t have a voucher, I think spending a day at the boat shed will be so much fun. There are barbeque facilities, covered tables and benches, enough grass to run around and you and your friends can take turns on paddling the boat. Boat hire is $45 for the whole day.


Website of Audley Boat Shed: