2012 is over but I’m still in this phase where I’m trying to catch my breath.

It has been a challenging year..
From finishing off my essay for EA
To a holiday accident
To fighting back with my previous employer.
To having a less pay on the new job
To my visa application
To failed exams
To failed appeals
To acceptance that I’ll just get my current company to sponsor me
and I’ll be stuck with them for 4 years
To all money spent on exams and application.

I wouldn’t say that “oh, it’s all worth it!” Fuck no.
I feel like my whole year was just spent(I didn’t want to use “wasted”) into that. It’s not one of those challenges that you’ll linger and remind
yourself of the lessons you learned from it. It’s something that you just want to forget and be grateful that it’s all over now.

But I am grateful. 2012 was a challenging year but the universe took care of me.
Spent the first week at Gold Coast with good friends.
An 8-day tasmania trip.
And survived the van accident without a single bruise.
Our family welcomed baby George, my niece. I know she brought new happiness to my parents.
I got a permanent job offer before my previous contract expired.
Spent my birthday long weekend in Port Stephens.
My visa got approved!
Bushwalk, beach and camping weekends.
Great friends who are like my family here in Sydney.
Good health for me and my family and friends.
And for a chance of love. Love despite our differences.
So thank you, universe.

For 2013, I don’t have big targets.
Just the same goals as everyone else.
Lose all the weight I gained in 2012.
Take more photos, organize my photos.
Travel more, keep my weekends busy again.
Cook new dishes.
Learn Spanish.
Post more on this blog.
Get into jewelry making. I think I have a talent. haha!
Save more for the Canada-NY trip at the end of the year.
I know I have to have career-related targets. I just couldn’t think about it now. Maybe we I get back from my 4-week Asia trip, I can think
things through.

And I’ll just continue to live with my mantra –
Do good, always. And the universe will take care of you.