Ok, so the lazy me did not renew my domain last April. I’ve received dozen of email reminders from WordPress to renew it but I was just lazy. And I was thinking that I won’t be posting anyway so maybe I can delay my renewal for a month.

So the domain expired.

And when I tried to renew it, I couldn’t! Apparently, all the un-renewed domains will go to a pool and no can have it for a certain period. Which make sense. You wouldn’t want to visit something.com and be surprised that the content has changed from your recent site visit. So I tried again tonight and seems my domain is available again. Yay! I already paid but it’s taking time for it be configured.

Anyhow, I want to blog again.  This time I want to blog for myself. Days go by so quickly, and I want to have my blog to remind me of of important things that happen in my life. Reading my old posts makes me realize how things change, how people change and how I’ve changed. Old blog posts can be a good baseline to track the changes.

And because I just paid for my domain, I’ll be posting often for the next couple of weeks.