“The squeaky wheel gets the oil!”

That was my boyfriend’s status in Facebook. I understand each word but I wasn’t really sure what it means. Thanks to ever dependable google, apparently it means “People who complain the most will get attention or what they want.” Then I remembered he had an appointment today at uni about his complaint. Oohh.. ok, so that was it. Why didn’t he just post that – People who complain the most will get attention – then I could’ve got it right away!

It’s just one of the several instances when we couldn’t get each other-right away. Coming from different backgrounds, I know words that he doesn’t know (duh! Tagalog, obviously!) and he knows words that I don’t know. Though sometimes, I understand all the words but they have a different meaning when put altogether.

Another instance:

“Bee in my bonnet”

He tweeted.

“Really!?! And I didn’t know you wear a bonnet!”¬†

I replied on his tweet. I was surprised that a bee could get stuck on a bonnet, and he was in Newcastle that day for uni and I know he’s not into wearing caps/bonnets.

Apparently, he meant he’s so annoyed with something. Doh. “Bee in my bonnet” can also mean really obsessed with with an idea.