I’m on the plane to Alice Springs and I’m not prepared for a 3hour flight. I knew it’ll be 3 hours but I thought I’ll sleep it off. But not today.

I don’t have my kindle, I don’t have a book, this plane has no magazine, my friends are on the opposite end of the plane and I don’t have games on my phone! I’ve read the food menu 5 times already even though I know I can’t order anything. Well I can have coffee but I want to sleep.

Thank goodness I have earphones. I’m going through my songs and playing those I haven’t listened for a long time. And then now I’m blogging. With my phone’s keypad. It’s actually not too bad. Maybe because I really don’t have a story to say, I’m doing something so to not lose my mind.

What’s up with me?

My last post was about how I’ve always been fat. This weekend is the end of the 8 week body challenge. I’m going to take my “after” photo. I’ve lost weight and my body looks heaps better than 8 weeks ago.

This was my 4 weeks progress.


However, I’m not 100% happy now at week 7! Because I don’t think I’ve given my all after week 4. My birthday + the long weekend slowed me down. I had forbidden foods, and I lost control on portions. Nothing can be done about the past, so I’m cramming now on the last week. I don’t want to still look fat on the after photo! Everyone will see it as it’ll be posted online. Lol And this cramming is not gonna be easy as I’ll be on a camping trip to Uluru. The tour company provides all the food, and there’s no fridge or stove. I’ll have to check with them when we get to Alice Springs about food arrangement. Else, I’ll eat tuna for 3days and 2 nights. Hmm, probably not a good idea.

And what if I win 5kAUD?! I’m not expecting but it gives me jitters when I think of what ifs. 5k will be sweet – 1k is for my Christmas money gift to my relatives (which I don’t think I can afford right now) and 4k goes to my travel fund for South America. Maybe I’ll spend on hosting a party for friends too, and will cook everything that I missed cooking for the past 2 months.

Not sure what will happen after this week. I will still attend bootcamp and observe what I eat but maybe I wont be too hard on myself anymore. I’m feeling a bit tired and I feel like I haven’t done other things as I was always busy planning my meals, preparing them, planning my exercise and doing then. And then I’ll be so tired after that and just go straight to bed. Plus I still have my job by the way. Lol I sounded like a fitness freak for the past days.

But seriously, I have tons of things to do. Plan my 2 month South America trip, take the online course for my advanced scuba diving course, study stuff for work, blog, edit and upload photos, etc.

So yeah. That’s all for now.
I should be able to post this when we land. I still have 1 hour to kill. Pfft.