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I feel like I’ve just released a new version of myself.

8 weeks with Original Bootcamp's 8WC

8 weeks with Original Bootcamp’s 8WC

After 8 weeks of staying away from the food I like most and sticking to doing exercise almost everyday, I can now proudly say that I’ve achieved amazing results. Thanks to the 8 Weeks To Wow  program of Original Bootcamp, and of course, the bootcamp sessions as well, I never thought I can be as fit as this. Check my previous post here on how I’ve always been “fat”.

I did not only lose weight, but I’ve gained so much strength and stamina. This Tuesday, I did my 1mile benchmark at 7 mins 30 seconds. I was just hoping that it’s faster than my previous month’s time, even for few seconds. It was indeed!! I was 8:08 last month, I was 9:40 in June. And 7:30 for 1.6km is 12.87km/hr or 4:41 per km! I was shocked myself after I input my time in the pace calculator! I know, I know it’ just 1.6km and my time is still slow for other runners out there, but I can still remember when I just stepped into the running craze – it was a achievement to be able to run continuously for 15 mins at 8.5km/hr pace. I have no problems doing squats and lunges. I did several treks while I was in the Northern Territories last week and I managed the uphills pretty well. And you should see me do push-ups! Oh boy, I can rock it! Someone already asked me how I do it, I actually do not know. I’m not practicing push-ups at home or something.

Ok, enough of lifting my own chair (but it is MY blog!).

We’ve seen several body transformation photos. Admittedly, when I saw these kind of photos, first thing in mind was “wow, ONLY in X weeks I can lose that much weight!!” With focus on the ONLY- thinking that it will be easy. However, I want to tell you all that it is not. Sorry.

X weeks is X weeks. Period. In my case, it was 8 weeks. Do not think that it is “only” 8 weeks because it was not a walk in the park. What are the most difficult part for me?

Telling everyone that I’m not eating what their eating. I’m a Filipino and food is the only thing that binds us together. You can never be hungry in a Filo get-together. Meeting up with friends then telling them you’re not eating is as par as telling them you’re pregnant and you don’t know the father of the baby. I’m not kidding. You should’ve seen their reactions. LOL

Seeing someone eating something that you can not have (this is on the first 2-3 weeks, it got better as the weeks went by). At work, there’s a skinny lady seating opposite me. She usually have chips for breakfast. Dude!! For breakfast!?! I could hear every crunch! And again, for breakfast!? Specially after a bootcamp session when I would be tired and craving for something salty, it’s bad. I have to admit punching her crossed my mind. But yeah, there were days when I want to punch everyone I see eating (and it was not PMS, promise).

Not being able to cook my fave dishes. I’m a big foodie – I love cooking. But healthy dishes are so easy to make! I missed cooking complex foods. And I know my boyfriend missed it too.

Bad breathe. BF not happy. He said he understands, but of course I still felt bad!

Long weekend get-away while on the program. I was usually in charge of the food for get-away trips with friends. Not this time. I just cooked 1 dinner and that was it. I had to make sure I can eat the food that they’ll prepare, else I have to prepare my own food. Another big thing was alcohol. Long weekends are meant to be made of nights of being wasted. No, not for grandma Chanda. Not a single drop of alcohol for that weekend. I’d go to bed early then wake up early to clean up their mess and also to do my home workouts. I have to admit though that I had very large servings of food that weekend 😐

My own birthday while on the program. Started my birthday with a killer bootcamp session. Then I tried to work from home, but got consumed prepping a healthy dinner for friends. I made dips that I could eat! And guess what, I even made my own cake. I made Gunny’s cheesecake. I made it clear to my friends that they should NOT bring any food, as I was sure I wont be able to eat whatever they’re bringing. I’ll make a different post about that – spending your birthday while on 8 weeks challenge!

Receiving compliments halfway through. The first 4 weeks gave the most visible results. Why is this in the difficult part? Because I think I got lax after receiving compliments. I wasn’t too strict on the food anymore. Yeah, it was my fault for giving in.

Camping trip while on the program. I paid for an Uluru camping trip early this year (even before I started with bootcamp). The package includes everything, as well as food. I had to discuss the food with the staff prior to the trip. She was like “Oh, you’re gluten free?” “No! I just can’t have carbs.” Imagine the look at her face. I know it will be difficult to accommodate my requirements so I had to find ways. And I did! A bit stressful, but I did!

So yeah, it was 8 weeks of sticking to something no matter how difficult it gets. I’ve received several messages from friends that I’ve inspired them. That’s heart warming. I never thought I can inspire someone – specially not on fitness. But I hope people do not look at this and think that it is easy. If it is easy, then all of us will be fit and strong, right? But it is not impossible. That’s the main thing. You just have to want it. You have to want it so you’ll work hard for it and you stick with it.