Another year, another chance to be a good blogger.


But it’s sooo hard! When so many things are happening, I won’t have time to blog. And during slow weeks, I don’t have anything to write about. But I know I should blog. Mainly for myself- days pass by so quickly (it gets quicker as you age), and I couldn’t even recall what I did for this and that (recalling things is related to age too, I guess).  Another reason is when a friend ask me tips for travel on places that I’ve been too, I couldn’t tell a lot because I forgot.


As for the past year, it was a mix of everything..

Some travels – 1 month in Asia with Andrew (with 1 week in Manila), climbed Mt Kosciuszko on Easter with Lilian, June long weekend at Katoomba, October long weekend at Kangaroo Valley and Alice Springs-Uluru trip with Monde, Tim and Jenny. Ok, I had to check my facebook photos to remember where I went last year. I had a feeling that it was a slow year for travel but it wasn’t so bad!

Moved units TWICE – from Rhodes to Ashfield and to a better unit in Ashfield towards the end of the year.

Conflicts between people around me.. (I hate confilcts)

Joined a new client company, my first non-telco project!

I joined bootcamp, which I was able to reach the fittest stage of my life. Ever. LOL

Finished my advanced diving course – which I really don’t want to remember.

Andrew finished uni!!! Yey!!!

And i think I’ve cranked up my cooking to another level 🙂


For 2014, I don’t know yet. I’m just sure I’m going for a 2 month holiday to South America (April-May).

That’s all in my mind for now. Haha

Oh, and we scored cheap flights to KL so we’re spending the Australia day long weekend there. It should be good to catch up with RA and Mei.


It should be a good year to blog about places, food, friends and myself. Haha!