Andrew had always been keen to go to Kiama. I’ve been to Kiama once, to see the blowhole, and I thought there’s nothing much to see there beside the blowhole. Since we had enough sleep at Cockatoo, we just dropped our stuff at home, took shower and left for Kiama. We probably left home around 10am.

Andrew wanted to go to the beach. So I just googled what’s the nearest beach from town. I know, Kiama is along the coast but I never heard anyone going to the “beach” in Kiama. It’s just the blowhole and the lighthouse. Apparently, the Surf beach is just few meters away from town and from the lighthouse. Great!

We found a park in between the lighthouse and the beach, and lucky it was in front of a pub. We had some drinks at their garden area. It was New Year’s day and the pub was almost empty. And then went to the beach. It was cloudy that day that Andrew thought he didn’t need sunblock. I’m sure he learned his lesson. Haha.

After our naps, we decided to walk around. I showed him the blowhole, but there was no water that day. Boo! Then we walked down on the other side and saw the cool cabins for rent and the rock pool! I didn’t see that rock pool before. And then went get fish and chips! One of the best battered fish I had, we got the flathead one. The chips got soggy but maybe because the fish was placed on top.

It was a lovely first day of the year!


January 1 @Kiama