I’ve moved to Sydney 3 years ago. And for the past 3 years, I’ve only been home twice and only for a week visit each time. 

I don’t call home every week – only when there’s something to discuss or when I’ll greet them on special occasions. 


I’ve heard of people not finishing their work contracts overseas because they can’t handle the homesickness. I can’t imagine myself on that state. I do miss my family and friends, but not to the point that I’ll book a ticket a home. One reason is that tickets are expensive, and the other is that I can brush off the longing feeling easily. Like today, I was reading the blog post I wrote 6 months after I moved here in Sydney and suddenly I miss being at our home in Fairview. I miss having a lazy Sunday, all you do is eat and watch TV and annoy my siblings. But will I feel sad the whole day? No. I just remembered that I have to wash clothes so I placed the first batch in the washing machine, went back to researching about Brazil and I already forgot that I was missing home.


Sometimes, I feel bad for not being homesick. On Christmas or birthdays, I’m ok not to go home. I can go home if I want to as it was shut down at work anyway. But I chose not to. If money is not an issue, yes, I would love to be home. But I know that money spent on my fare if I go home during peak season will be better spent on my family’s Noche Buena or for monetary gifts. Or maybe I can use that money for my travels.


Maybe I’m just being practical and not sentimental. 


But maybe I’m just like this. Independent. I was seldom at home even when I was in still in Manila anyway.

Or maybe because I’m living in a bubble here.

Sometimes I’m not sure if I’m only not missing home, or I’ve blocked it out of my system. 


I wish I can afford to be sentimental.


But for now, I’ll leave it as it is.