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Ola. It’s day 4 of my 2 month South America trip. I thought I’ll be able to update my blog regularly but there’s just so many things happening everyday. Spent the first 3 days in the beautiful Lima, and today I’m flying to Cusco. I have around 1.5 hours to spend here at the airport before boarding and there’s no wifi, so might as well write a post in notepad and upload it later at the hostel.



Our route from Sydney to Lima. Original photo of map from http://3.bp.blogspot.com/

Day 0 was the big journey from Australia to South America.

We* left Sydney at 9:00 AM April 3 and we arrived at Lima at 5:00 PM, still April3. Sounds tolerable, right? Nah. Because South America is on the other side of the world from Australia, it took around 24hours for us to reach Lima. The flight from Sydney to Santiago, Chile was 17 hours. There was a 2-3hour break at Auckland, New Zealand and I’m not sure what too feel about that. It was good that we had a bit of stretch and walked around the airport for a while but the travel would’ve been just 14-15hours to reach Santiago. In Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport , we had to wait 3.5hours for our connecting flight to Lima. The layover wasn’t too bad, I was more than happy to use a proper toilet and there was Dunkin Donuts! I haven’t had Dunkin Donuts for more than 3 years!


We were lucky to get extra leg room for the Sydney-Santiago leg!

And then it was a 4hr flight to Lima. And of course, taxi to our hostel. Lima airport is around 40mins away (longer on peak hours) from the city center where most tourist accommodations are.

By the time were reached our hostel, it was already 7PM and I was exhausted. We just went to the nearest shopping center to get a Peruvian SIM and get dinner. We didn’t get any nano sim but we had good Pollo (chicken) meal that was good enough for 4.

Combo Pollo (Chicken) The sauces were the best chicken sauces I've had in my life.

Combo Pollo (Chicken)
The sauces were the best chicken sauces I’ve had in my life.

And that’s the reason why I’ll never travel for less than a month if it’s not in Asia. The travel is just too long and exhausting. I can’t afford to travel business class so my knees and legs are always sore after the flight. And most probably, you’ll spend the day of arrival and next day for recovery. And I don’t even want to think about it, but going back to Sydney is promising. Promising to be more painful.



*We – Paul decided to just go to South America and ditch his Japan stint the last minute. I was planning the trip just to be by myself for a while and now I’m travelling with him. Not yet decided if it’s a good thing or a bad thing.