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We all know why I was in Peru – to see Machu Picchu!

The easiest way is to go by train to Aguas Calientes (town nearest to Machu Picchu) but I don’t do easy stuff. Pfft. lol
No, I didn’t do Inca trail. Because 1) when I was on my initial stage of planning I thought it was expensive, I estimate it’ll cost me $800 including rentals and tips (too much for a walk!) and 2) when I felt like I wanted to do a trek the tickets for April were all sold out, they have limited spots per day for the trek.

So I did one of the alternative treks- the Salkantay Trek.
It was 5 days, 5th day for the Machu Picchu visit. It was long (1st day-19km, 2nd day-23km, 3rd day-10km and 4th day 10km) and high (highest point on the Salkantay pass is 4600m). It was my first high altitude trek and it was my first more than 2-day hike. It wasn’t easy (because I don’t do easy) but it was beautiful! Plus the people I met on the hike were all awesome and it made everything phenomenal.

I’ll let the video speak for the trek. If you have questions about it, just ask! I’ll gladly give tips/recommendations.