I posted this on November 2013 on a different blog. Yes, I have/had another blog and I’m not even going to share the link because it only has this post. And I’m closing it today. That time, I was thinking of having a blog that is solely for my kitchen adventures. But life happened, and I forgot about it (the blog, my kitchen adventure is soaring!).

This is part 1of 2 of the Table for Bantayan project. I have photos of the second dinner and will post about it this week. With the 2 dinners, and some friends helping out, I was able raise $800 for the cause. 


PS. And my photos suck, no? 


As most of you already know, Philippines was recently hit by the super typhoon Haiyan. It left high count of casualties and massive destruction in the eastern islands. Unfortunately, my mother’s hometown, Bantayan Island, was not spared. Bantayan is the north most island of Cebu and is very close to Samar (where most of the news cover). You can see the aftermath on these links:



Our relatives, my first cousins and their families and my mom’s cousins, are lucky to have survived the storm but they’ve lost everything – their homes and their means of living. Relief are coming from the government operations as it’s still difficult to reach these areas. Where I’m planning to help is on the rehabilitation. They definitely need to build their houses and boats again. Also, will there be enough resource for food and sanitation before they can stand on their own again?

If I just send the amount that I can, I know it will not be enough for everyone there. Then I thought that maybe this Table For N project will be a good way to raise more funds! I’m so glad I have supportive friends for this cause – last night was the first “Table for Bantayan”.


  • Tangy barbeque pork ribs
  • Honey Bourbon beef ribs
  • Baked chicken breasts and corn
  • Smoky baked beans
  • Coleslaw
  • Baked sweet potatoes
  • Turkish bread (to dip into the beans!)

This is the table:


The main attraction for the night:


The cheesecake:



And the gang!


Thank you Dar, Divina, Marco, Paul, Leah, Mico and Andrew for being part of this event!