Our first time in Tasmania was Easter 2012, I’ve summarized that trip in this post. Despite getting into an accident on the trip (you can read about it here), we still fell in love with Tasmania and knew that we’ll come back. Probably it’s because of the food, or the people (and the lack of), but mainly for me it’s because of its natural features. The mountains, all the possible trails, the coast and the animals. I’ve always said that I won’t mind moving to Hobart for a year. Yep, just a year. I’ve thought about it and it will be more difficult to get out of Australia if I live in Hobart. But a year will not be bad, and of course, frequent visits.

So last weekend, for our end of winter getaway, we flew to Hobart. We were I was initially thinking to go to Snowy Mountains, but I assessed that it will be more expensive and we’ll just be more tired because of the long land travel. Jetstar always have specials and we got our return flight for $150 per person, flying out Friday night and flying in Monday morning. We’ve visited most of the island from our last trip so we wanted to go to somewhere we haven’t been to, and Bruny Island was the number one candidate.


Andrew planned our itinerary, can you imagine!? His plan was to fly in Friday night, Saturday morning visit Salamanca, afternoon drive to Bruny Island and stay the night there. Sunday afternoon drive back to Hobart and fly back to Sydnay Monday morning. I can’t believe he can pull off such schedule. Haha!

We’re lucky that one of our friend, Jeric, is currently based in Hobart for work and we were able to crash at his place. We arrived late Friday night, got our rented car from airport and Andrew drove to Jeric’s. Then Jeric took us the pub just few blocks down the road. It was almost 10PM when we got there and we had 2 minutes until the kitchen closes. Buzzer beater at 10PM, who would’ve thought. We got drinks and shared a pizza, which didn’t deserve a photo. Haha! It was decent but Andrew makes a better pizza from a store bought dough. There’s just wasn’t enough meat in there, and it was $20+! Fine, everything’s more expensive in Tasmania but I was hoping to start the foodie weekend with a bang.

Saturdays in Tasmania will always be Salamanca Market day. For 2012 trip, I had change the whole itinerary when I found out that Salamanca is only on Saturday. I can still remember how we got crazy buying (and eating) every delicious thing we saw. So for last weekend, we planned it a bit. We thought maybe if we go to the gym we won’t feel that guilty of we pig out (again) at Salamanca.

Early morning, we walked to Pilgrims for coffee first.DSC_0850DSC_0854DSC_0872DSC_0887Let’s just say I’ve had better coffees in Sydney. Im sorry.

We’ve seen this pastry shop on our way back. No, we didn’t buy anything. So proud of ourselves!DSC_0890

Then we drove to Anytime Fitness at Sandy Bay. I swear, while I was doing grunts, I already thought about the pastries that’s going into my mouth. Hahaha!

So this is our second take at Salamanca Markets.













Although there wasn’t spark like the first time visited, I still love it. Maybe the spark comes from not knowing what you’ll see in each stall. And for the second visit, I already know what to expect, that there will be food, knitted clothes, chopping board, flowers, honey and tasmanian devil stuffed toy. But as I’ve said, I still love it. It still has its charm, and I’ll probably reserve my Saturday morning again for Salamanca the next time I visit. Specially for that scallop pie and that creme brulee.

It was 2PM when we got back to Jeric’s place and we know we had to leave right away for Bruny Island. I remember from my research that the ferry terminal is 45mins from Hobart, and that the ferry ride is 15mins. So thought maybe we’ll be in Bruny around 3:30PM. Wrong.


We didn’t check the ferry schedule and we ended up waiting for 45 minutes in the terminal. We arrived at Bruny at 4PM, the terminal in Bruny is located in the north and our rented house is in the south (Alonnah Bay). It’s probably 30-45minute drive from north to south and I was surprised because I thought that Bruny is just small. On our way to the south, we stopped by at these famous shops. Luckily, they were still open at 4:30.

Get Shucked.




Bruny Island Cheese Co.




This is our house in Bruny in Alonnah Bay. I can live here! Ok, maybe when there’s phone reception and internet. Can you see the sunset? It’s crazy how you can’t capture a good moment when you try hard to capture it. For that time, I gave up and just watched it from the balcony.


For dinner, we had the cheese, quince paste and bread from Bruny Island Cheese Co, oysters from Get Shucked, Jansz from the Hostel bottle shop, more alcohol from the bottle shop on the way from Hobart to Kettering, and because we know it will not be enough for us, we bought some frozen chicken strips from the town store.




The log fire was beautiful, and actually was the main reason we got the house. Another dream is to have a house with a log fire. Maybe if I don’t live in Sydney I can have that. Haha.




The next morning, we were hungry (and I was hangover) and we didn’t have anything for breakfast. One big mistake for that trip. If you’re staying in Bruny, make sure you come prepared with food stock as you don’t know how far the shops from your place and what time will they be open. We settled for some tea and enjoyed the morning with a view.

<a href=”https://www.flickr.com/photos/123517255@N04/15045965579&#8243; title=”DSC_1261 by Chanda E, on Flickr”><img src=”https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5580/15045965579_5ecb2a96e1_z.jpg&#8221; width=”640″ height=”426″ alt=”DSC_1261″></a>

<a href=”https://www.flickr.com/photos/123517255@N04/15046155037&#8243; title=”DSC_1270 by Chanda E, on Flickr”><img src=”https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3874/15046155037_d3abc45200_z.jpg&#8221; width=”640″ height=”426″ alt=”DSC_1270″></a>

We packed our stuff and cleaned up and left the house around 10:30. When we got to Bruny Island Hostel, the guy said they’ll be open at 11AM and so we’ve decided to visit the lighthouse first. Oh boy, it was a wrong move because it was 30 minutes to drive there and of course another 30 minutes to come back.

The lighthouse and the area around it is was spectacular.






And we saw a few friends.



Everything was beautiful but I was dizzy of hunger. I’m not used to being hungry so it’s always a big deal for me if I am. Haha. I snapped few photos and and I even asked Andrew to take some photo of me and the lighthouse. I guess we were both hungry, so nothing worked well.

We headed back to the hostel as we badly need the feed. We thought our orders will take a while as the inside was packed, so we had drinks first. Yeah, tell me your first meal of the day.




While waiting for our food I took some photos.




Our food arrived and I have to say I was really envy of Andrew’s food. I ordered a Lamb Rendang. I don’t think that was a rendang as rendang’s supposed to be dry curry. The curry flavor wasn’t bad but I wish it had more meat. So if ever you’re visiting the Bruny Island Hostel, get the chicken parmigiana. 3 skinny people can probably share that dish.



After lunch, we thought we needed coffee so we drove to Adventure Bay and bought from Penguin Cafe. Before I say anything, the people there were nice, and they probably serve good hearty meals basing from the interaction with other customers. But for coffee, probably just don’t have coffee that day. Or maybe get some instant. I’m not too fussy with my coffee (only Andrew is), but I still thought it’s bad.

And to not waste our drive to Adventure Bay, we stopped at this beach and sat on one of the benches.



Then we went to the neck. Of course, everyone who goes to Bruny has to go to the neck.





Andrew checked the ferry schedule and he was shouting at me so I run downstairs so we can leave and catch the ferry. Running downstairs was tough! We wanted to catch the 3:15 one, we got to the terminal 2 minutes before and got into the queue of the cars going into the ferry. It was just bad luck that the ferry was full and we were cut off, just 2 cars away from being included in that trip. Ouch. The next ferry was at 4:30. Double ouch.

Buuuttt!! I had the best muffin at the store just by the ferry. The guy just pulled this big batch from the oven and I said if it’s ok to have one. Omaygad. It was the best berry and chocolate muffin. Andrew wasn’t sold that the muffin’s worth the 1.5hours wait though. But he still bought another of that muffin after having a taste from mine.


We wrrived hobart almost 6PM and we stopped by woolies to buy stuff for dinner. We thought maybe I can just cook for dinner so Jeric can have home-cooked meal too. I made chicken red curry and we all enjoyed it. I intentionally cooked more pieces of chicken so Jeric can have leftovers throughout the week.

And then we woke up early the next day for our 7:45 flight.

Again, another great time in Tasmania. And for sure, we will be back!