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To celebrate the start of spring, we went to Glenworth Valley to camp for a night.

We initially planned to go the weekend after the Hobart trip, but weather sucked that weekend. I was very hopeful that it would just be cloudy, however, it was pissing that Saturday morning. We were already packed and was about to turn left to Parramatta road when Andrew asked me to call Glenworth Valley and ask if I can move my reservation. They were happy to convert my booking as a credit for that instance (by company rule, rebooking should be 48 hours notice). But I wasn’t happy, I even cried. Haha! Nothing makes me more upset than rain ruining my plans. I’ve calmed down after few hours and accepted that it was right not to push through as the ground would be wet from the rain and it’ll be difficult inside the small tent.

And it was indeed a good decision (to postpone) because the weather was more than beautiful the weekend after.


The first reason why we chose Glenworth Valley was because it’s just 1 hour and 15 minutes away from Ashfield. It’s north of Sydney, you have to take the Pacific Highway and exit the freeway just before the Gosford exit. We arrived there past 11am, and we got a good spot with fire pit – the second reason why we went to Glenworth Valley.


I set up our small tent, and realised I committed a rookie mistake of not checking your tent before leaving the house. This is important specially if you’re trekking to the campsite. Just imagine, after walking x hours to campsite and then you realise you can’t set up your tent. So I didn’t have the pegs of the small tent, but thankfully Andrew packed another tent. That’s Paul’s tent that I borrowed for the long weekend camping. It’s huge and will take longer time to pitch, and I figured it’s not worth to set-up for 1 night camping. But good that he still packed it because I took the pegs from there.

Then the whole afternoon I just bummed around while Andrew works on his ‘business’. I brought my laptop and wrote the recipes on some dish that I made and was able to take good photos. Then I went for a walk around the valley.


Glenworth Valley offers different activities – horse back riding, ATV riding, paintball and camping. That weekend was busy, the carpark in front of the admin kiosk was packed.

I packed lamb chunks for our dinner and was planning to slow cook it in our new cast iron pot. From recipes online, it should take 3hours for the meat to be tender. I was bugging Andrew from 4PM to start a fire. I didn’t want to be cooking in the dark too and I knew we didn’t have a good light source.

I started cooking around 4:30, and guess what.. it was done by 5:30! We totally forgot the “slow cooking” concept, and placed the pot directly on high heat. Meh.



The photos were good but our dinner was burnt 😦 It was still edible though. For first time cooking on open fire, I think we still did good. Good enough not to starve for dinner. I will make another post on how to avoid burning food in open fire.


A bit after dinner, we saw all the valley’s horses running from the where the admin hut was and all were going to the east. Not sure what was happening but it was spectacular to see that many horses not too far from you. It was like in a movie!


After dinner was the best part of camping. We enjoyed big marshmallows and pineapple toasted in the fire!


Then we stayed in front of the fire until we finished our firewood.

Both of us wasn’t able to sleep well. For me, it was because I was freezing the entire time. I was cursing myself for not bringing my better sleeping bag and not wearing thicker clothes. As for Andrew, he’s just not comfortable inside the sleeping bag-slash-cocoon.

In the morning, we realised we did another camping mistake of using all your firewood at night. We wanted fire in the morning but there was no more firewood. We made breakfast on the portable stove that we brought.


Then we enjoyed the sun while drying up our stuff that got wet with the moist overnight. We left past 10am as Andrew needs to go to work at 2PM.

Despite the lack of sleep, we really enjoyed this quick get-away. Glenworth Valley is one of the closest campsite (that allows campfire!) from our place, and it wasn’t too crowded the weekend we went. Maybe next time friends can join us for another weekend camping here.