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Now this is a late post. I just got a copy of the photos from my good friend, Iggy, and I thought it would be a good post as reminder on what I did to welcome my last year in the 20’s. The weekend after my birthday, friends came over for a BBQ at our place. Me and Andrew were at Myall Lakes camping on the weekend of my birthday (need to post something about that!). I love having home bbq’s/dinners with friends. It’s more comfortable than eating out, no one has to get crazy making (and changing) reservations, no exact time schedule for people to come and eat. It’s more economical too. People can bring their own drink (that were bought cheaper than when bought in a pub), and everyone can have unlimited food! I can’t really remember most of it now, but thanks to the photos, I kinda had a flashback. So this was the menu. bday_menu

I worked on the the desserts early in the morning. I’ve been wanting to make a hippie cake with buntings, so why not make my own birthday cake? It was 3 layers of chiffon, and strawberry jam in between the layers. The cupcakes were supposed to be red velvet. Well, they tasted like red velvet but I wasn’t able to get the bright red color. bday_cupcakes For the mains, I told people that they can bring their preferred meat for BBQ, or they can just flick $10 as we’re doing a meat run first thing that Saturday. I got whole pork butt for the pulled pork, 4 kilos of beef mince for the burger and 5 kilos of chicken wings. Naz and Diana brought the sausages. The pulled pork was a hit, it was gone in a few minutes. For the burger, I saw this seasoning mix recipe online and gave it a try. I’ve been using that seasoning since for everything – beef, chicken and even prawns. I wasn’t 100% with the chicken wings, it wasn’t spicy as I wanted it, but I was happy with the blue cheese dip that whipped for it. bday_food2 bday_andrewbbq bday_burgerwithcheese I made coleslaw and baked beans for sides, all done on that day (I must’ve spent the whole day in the kitchen). We also got 30pieces of bread from a bakeshop in Summer Hill, and only half of it was consumed. bday_food I guess it’s safe to say that no one left hungry. Iggy gave me a beverage dispenser from when I cooked for his birthday party, and it was perfect for some vodka-cordial mix. bday_drinks Friends bday_friends1 bday_friends2 bday_friends3 bday_leah bday_macariane bday_marj bday_nazd And this is me so happy with their unexpected gift – a bike! Yeah, no photo of the bike. Even on my phone. bday_chanda_excitedFriends, meat, sugar and alcohol, perfect way to celebrate a birthday! Wonder what will I do for my 30th. Hmm.