This blog is about Chanda’s kitchen, travels and everything in between.

Chanda lived the first 25 years of her life in Manila, Philippines and then moved to Sydney, Australia on February 2011. Chanda loves outdoors, food, taking photos and other stuff she can’t remember while typing this.

This blog started with the aim to document her travels and daily struggles after moving to a new city. But then she fell in love with cooking so she’s also sharing her kitchen adventures.



So this is all about her:

  • next destination
  • next map to explore
  • next track to walk
  • next sports to try
  • next recipe to cook
  • next dish to taste
  • next run to finish
  • next goal to achieve
  • next item on my bucket list to cross out
  • next problem to solve
  • next party to attend to she realized she doesn’t like to attend those parties anymore
  • next attempt to lose weight
  • and any other next interesting thing

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